Outcome: A first step into moving from a pure electronic music only record label to a more Art-orientated/combined concept. Creative output: Generative designed vinyl center labels that match the vision & sound of the record label.


Orbis Records is a vinyl-first record label focusing on hypnotic & stripped down electronic music. Their core mission is to transcend mediocre electronic music.


As a new step into their strategy to become a more art-orientated and creative concept, Orbis records wants to experiment with data-driven art formats and make a more clear distinct between the head labels and the two sublabels.


The second sublabel, abbreviated as LST, is the first step into this strategic process where the first bridge between music and art becomes reality. As a proof of concept, the first release of this sublabel gets a data-driven center label design.

In parallel, the head label’s center label designs get a stripped down clean-up to have a more ’90’s nostalgic feel to it as the head label focusses more and more on the older inspired techno from that time.

pre 2017 head label design

2017 head label design

The sublabel, called X, gets a totally different and colorful center label design than the pre 2017 design, which was too similar to the head label, confusing fans to see and feel the difference. For new fans and solely X fans, the focus of Orbis Records was confusing due to the broad range of electronic music, diverging from the mainly hypnotic, stripped and basement techno that was released before 2017.

Pre 2017 sublabel X design

21 unique center labels

The first imprint on the new sublabel LST contains twenty-one cutted, not pressed, vinyls. The front center label get a white and handwritten serie number, where as the B-side gets a custom printed generative design.

I designed a simple generative algorithm for the center labels with red-tinted colors, based on three data-driven values.

As an extra, a touch of white was added to some of the copies to keep the connection with the feeling of owning a white label copy of a released or unreleased EP.

Expanding the Proof of concept

As a next step, the generated proof of concept for the LST sublabel was altered into the first artwork for the next Orbis X. Four derivatives were made and presented to their fans as the new direction they’re heading.

Extending the generative design into short video snippets

Launching a new label comes with the necessary distribution. As Orbis Records uses Facebook as the main communication channel to push news and interact with fans, some music video clips were made with the same algorithm. Get a taste of the snackable content items below.

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