The air consist of several particles. Small, tiny. Extremely small. Moving in different directions. Airborne particles are sometimes referred to as 'particulate matter' or 'PM'. They include dust, dirt, soot, smoke, and liquid droplets. Some particles are large enough or dark enough to be seen as soot or smoke, while others are so small they can only be detected individually with a microscope. What if they had colour, a size and could be large enough to see with the naked eye?


There are three kind of particles in this sketch. Each serie of particles is randomly generated and steered by three parameters: movement, formation and a colour. Playing around with the parameters generates different waveforms that keep changing with the help of a simple algorythm.


Feel free to download the sketches you prefer below by clicking the right mouse button and saving the image. They're made to serve as a background for your laptop or desktop (2560px x 1600px).

Sketch 20191227.01

Sketch 20191227.02

Sketch 20191227.03

Sketch 20191227.04

Sketch 20191227.05

Sketch 20191227.06

Sketch 20191227.07

Sketch 20191227.08

Sketch 20191227.09